“I thought I was just going to typical (boring) “church play” — wow was I ever shocked and surprised! From the pre-show music, to the refreshments, to the performance itself — this was anything but typical or boring. These productions are a hidden gem in Fort Erie!”

           – Attendee Testimonial


This year’s Christmas production was a great success! Thanks to all who came out to join us for this year’s live action drama!

This year we had a lot of great feedback about our two night performance of “The Ripple”, and have heard many stories of how much fun was had by all. Do you attend Light City Church and want to be involved in our 2018 productions? We are always looking for actors, musicians, set and costume designers and more! To find out how you can be involved please contact Khaili McMorris by using our church contact for and indicating that the e-mail is intended for Khaili!

2018 Production Schedule

It’s still a little early to post any news about 2018’s productions just yet, but check back in a little while and you’ll certainly find news here as soon as there is something to let you know about!

Directions To Light City Church

(Formerly Victory Christian Centre)